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Millions of tons of costly fuel are wasted each year due to the negative effect of fouled hulls and propeller roughness. A smooth clean hull is the most efficient fuel saving device you can have on board a ship.

The savings made are a vital part of profit projections.

It is recommended that hull and prop cleaning is carried out up to three times a year.

Northern Subsea and Diving Agency provides the very best in hull cleaning services. Our teams serve the northern part of Norway with select International Ports. Rapid turnaround cleanings can be provided in as little as 12 hours.


Fuel maintenance management agreements are available for entire fleets. Why do last minute scheduling of hull cleaning and propeller polishing with unknown companies in strange ports of call when it can be done at the right time and in the right port of call when needed AUTOMATICALLY? FLAT LINE your fuel consumption to its optimized level.

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