We set the standard for quality reliable and innovative in-water-repair and maintenance solutions.

Our capabilities deliver solutions to our commercial, offshore and naval customers who own and operate a variety of assets -- from tankers, super yachts and warships to cruise liners, FPSO’s and jack-up rigs. We operate a  comprehensive Quality Management System and are now working towards obtaining ISO 9000 certification.


Class approved to inspect and certify ocean going vessels and structures for condition and structural integrity as per Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, the American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Rina, NK class and other certifying bodies. Maintain underwater wet welding procedures and personnel qualified in underwater wet welding, in all positions, as per AWS D3.6, Class "A", "B", and "C".



Routine maintenance program including hull, propeller, rudder, sonar dome cleaning and propeller polishing.


Quality work completed efficiently and cost effectively.


Through own resources and a close cooperation with renowned suppliers of cutting-edge subsea technology, NSADA offers qualified personnel and rental equipment for special survey and inspection tasks.



We have fully qualified commercially certified dive teams with a vast experience of all types of marine & underwater work including diving inspection, surveys, and underwater welding. Our divers have experience with underwater work in very adverse weather conditions. We undertake high quality salvage, underwater cutting, and underwater repairs. Diving services are carried out using surface-supplied equipment with appropriate diving support and full communication above and the below water.



NSADA was founded in 1998 by experienced professionals in the industry for over 25 years. We are one of Northern Norway's leading contractors.



Millions of tons of costly fuel are wasted each year due to the negative effect of fouled hulls and propeller roughness. A smooth clean hull is the most efficient fuel saving device you can have on board a ship. The savings made are a vital part of profit projections.


 It is recommended that hull and prop cleaning is carried out up to three times a year.

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